6 Things That All Quiet Over-thinkers Want You To Know

Thought Catalog


If you consider yourself to be more on the quiet side, there’s a good chance that you’re also intuitive. Quiet people like to observe, analyze, and arrive at conclusions based on the information they take in.

When the topic of quietness came up at a family dinner, my great-uncle actually made this comment about me: “To get words out of Sara, you need a corkscrew.”

It’s also often difficult for extroverted individuals to truly understand that even though our lips our sealed, our mind is swarming with thoughts.

Here are things that all quiet people with loud minds understand:

1. We might seem like we have nothing to contribute, but it’s because we’re carefully planning the words out in our head.

Quiet people are planners. Out of fear of potentially saying the wrong thing, we rarely speak without thinking. Rather than being uninterested in the particular topic, we want…

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