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* Rubric for getting along with sibs

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I’ve had some recent opportunities to support the social skills of siblings in a home environment (my home, actually), which is code for “How can I teach these kiddoes to stop slugging one another?”  “Slugging” is a bit strong; it was more like scratching and screaming and a little whacking.  Before I had kids, I said the most ridiculous things to parents.  Now I get a taste of my own medicine in trying to retrain some youngsters who have experienced a number of setbacks in life.  At their core, they are compliant and eager to please.  One-on-one, they are 100% delightful.  In a group, they are determined to get attention in any way that presents itself.  If that means unleashing revenge for the long list of wrongs they have compiled against one another, all the better.

This rubric is a way for me to measure their baseline behavior and growth.  And my baseline…

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Characteristics of psychopaths | The Tyranny of Psychopaths

No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges

Psychopathy causes more social social distress and disruption than all other mental disorders combined.Power elite psychopaths can be charming, charismatic, and intelligent. They are often seen as great leaders. They have powerful personalities with an almost a hypnotic ability to persuade and command people to do what they want. They can be smart, even scary smart—but in a devious, Machiavellian way. They are con artists who present a false image to the world, an image that they know will gain favorable attention.

Their emotional life consists of the gratification of acquiring, consuming, and possessing the best of everything, the thrill of conquest, the frustration of losing a fight, the triumph of defeating enemies, and the glory of egomania.

But above all, they live to conquer and to win. Psychopaths love battles—for them, it is a game. They go from one challenge to the next. They love winning and prizes, recognition and fame. They love privileges and exclusive clubs. They believe they are entitled…

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