America: The New Germany and Trump: The New Hitler

No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges

Trump and his Nazi propaganda Adolf Hitler manipulated and emboldened his country with hate, by making a common enemy of the Jews. Donald Trump is calling Americans to turn on each other by taking away birthright. It’s a strategy that appears to be working with the ignorant and the uneducated and the misguided. The people want change and they will reach for the low-hanging fruit. What comes next? Deportation is too costly, so then here come the Mexican concentration camps. The United States of America is being taken over by morons and all of the good people will just stand by and let it happen.

The question is: Why are people so focused on immigrants? They are the least of our problems. The hateful propaganda against poor immigrants is being heavily reported on by the brainwashing news media. We have bigger problems with government corruption wasting billions on corporate welfare and loopholes that allow corporations…

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