Pale Fire // Vladimir Nabokov

earning the title

brief summary: this work is often described as a “centaur,” being half poem and half commentary on the poem. through this strange format, the life stories of two men, john shade (snarky poet) and charles kinbote (extravagant, ridiculous commentator), are shared. it is challenging to give more of a summary than just that, as so much of the rest of the book is open to interpretation.

note * as this book is written in two parts, there are two ways to read it: 1) flip between the poem and the commentary as kinbote suggests in the forward or 2) read the book linearly. both methods work, but I strongly recommend the second. *

note * this book was challenging for me to get into because I really disliked the voice of kibote the commentator, so I listened to an audiobook while reading to keep me focused. this version was enjoyable…

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