15 Common Ways to Deal with Pain – Defense Mechanisms

Jade the Mystic

It is not about what you face. It is is how you response it. I would like to review you the common way to deal with pain through 3 different level of defense mechanisms which will tell you how mature you can pass various situations.

Primitive Defense Mechanisms


The refusal to accept reality or fact to avoid dealing with painful feelings or slices of their life they don’t want to admit in their everyday lives.

Example: The alcoholic person will not accept the he is alcoholic.


Exhibiting earlier childhood behaviors he has long since overcome due to being overwhelmed with fear, anger and growing sexual impulses under stress

Example: Bedwetting, refusing to leave their bed and engage in normal


Express thoughts or feelings the person feels incapable of otherwise expressing to release pressure and feel flamer and peaceful once again.

Example: Instead of saying, “I’m angry with you,” a person…

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