Removing the Thorn


(Repost. I will not remove this post for anyone.)

Toxic people in your life will greatly impact your mood and the way you feel about yourself. We call these people thorns, who will take a lot more than a strong pair of tweezers to pull out. Nice on the outside but poisonous within, these people are no good to have in your life if you want to improve yourself, and it will take strength, courage and self-love to do so. From first hand knowledge, the effect of social toxicity lowered my self esteem and created problems within myself that I didn’t know were there. It is important that you remove these people from your life before they can have any major effects on you as a person.

Signs you should remove the thorn:

  1. You feel exhausted after seeing them. Not just tired, but emotionally and mentally exhausted from their behaviour.
  2. They…

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