5 Things I Hate About Today’s Relationships

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An Honest Twenty Something

5 Things I Hate About Today’s Relationships…

I don’t know how YOU feel, but the pressure to be perfect in this day in age is extraordinarily high. I hate almost everything about the world now. Sure, that may sound mildly negative, but can you blame me? Being a twenty something in today’s society is hard. Really. Fucking. Hard. Add being a female on top of that and you’ve got yourself a full blown soap opera…
I guess what I’m trying to say is that females’ have it harder. Sorry. But we do.
The double standards, the “ideal beauty”, and the whole concept of “rape culture”…it sickens me.
Yes, men have some of these issues too, but if you actually deny that women struggle with society more than men do, then I think you need to open your eyes, mind, and ears. Maybe even your heart.
This is my way…

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