Zion National Park to close climbing routes due to falcon nesting

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Zion National Park will close climbing routes that are used by nesting peregrine falcons beginning this weekend.

Matt Gade, Deseret News

ZION NATIONAL PARK — The park will close climbing routes that are used by nesting peregrine falcons beginning this weekend.

The routes will temporarily close March 1 to protect the nesting success of this bird, which is in recovery from endangered species status. The closure date is based on analysis of information collected from 2001-2013 regarding the peregrines’ arrival time to their nesting cliffs in the park.

The cliffs that will close are Angels Landing, Cable Mountain, The Great White Throne (beyond single- and double-pitched climbs), Isaac (in Court of the Patriarchs), the Sentinel, Mountain of the Sun, North Twin Brother, Tunnel Wall, the East Temple, Mount Spry, the Streaked Wall, Mount Kinesava, and the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek. All other cliffs will remain open to climbing.


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Never Tailgate on a Rainy Day – Driving Tips Book

Life Preservers

Book Cover Remember when you got your license? Of course you do! Learning to drive is a milestone in any teen’s (and parent’s) life.

My new book “Never Tailgate on a Rainy Day” welcomes new drivers to the open road with wisdom and humor. Blending useful driving tips, advice, and lessons learned with imagery that captures the adventure of cars and driving, this book tells a new driver, “Be safe. I love you!” A fun and informative gift for teens that parents will appreciate, too.

{Note:  I have to thank a friend of mine for writing the above book description for me. Funny how I’ve spent my career helping other people promote themselves and their products, but, when it came to my own, I had trouble putting it into words without feeling as if I were being an obnoxious braggart.}

This book was a labor of love, inspired by my own nephew…

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Lemon-Tangerine Tarts

I'm Bringing Dessert

On one of March’s particularly lion-ish days, I made a tangerine-lemon curd. I was missing summer and it was perfect. Not saying the curd itself was perfect mind you. It’s just that it was exactly the thing I needed: bright and a little sweet with a tang at the end. I ate it on pretty much everything. I ate more than I’d like to admit. By the spoonful.

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“Is this thing on?”: My first open mic night

Brave enough

I’ve been playing guitar for a year or so and I got the nerve to play my first open mic night Friday. I used to sing different places with a couple of friends but it was the first time I had played the guitar in public. I’ve got a ways to go before I’m proficient on the guitar (and singing for that matter), but everyone’s gotta start somewhere. I happened to start with a song that has three chords.

I played at Unity of Kanawha Valley ‘s monthly open mic where Ron Sowell, of the Mountain Stage band, hosts. Everyone who recommended it was right –the audience was kind and encouraging and, most importantly, quiet. The bar open mic night scene is fun but it can be difficult to sing over a loud, drunk crowd, especially when you’re just starting out. Plus, at a church, people are basically obligated to…

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