Inside Israel’s White House: How Netanyahu runs the country (and who his top advisors are).

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

“Benjamin Netanyahu will complete his eighth (nonconsecutive) year as prime minister in March 2014, more than any Israeli premier except the state’s founder, David Ben-Gurion,” reports the Times of Israel. “And as the years go by, unsurprisingly, Netanyahu is leaving a deepening imprint on the way in which the country is governed.”….

“Bibi has a dialogical personality,” said one confidant who asked not to be named. “He makes decisions in the course of discussion. He needs a conversation partner to make those decisions.”

“Netanyahu takes a close interest in the views of those around him, confirmed another source familiar with the prime minister’s deliberative process,” notes the Times. “He’s always asking questions, interrogating you for your opinion, and writing down what you’re saying.”

“That aspect of Netanyahu’s personality is both an advantage and a crutch, the confidant added,” the article added. “The advantage: Netanyahu is ‘flexible and thorough’ when…

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