I wanna be famous…REALLY???

Culture Monk

i really wanna be famous

by Kenneth Justice

~Whenever young people are asked, “Would you rather be given a million dollars or be famous?” the majority of young people in the Western World answer unequivocally “I wanna be famous!”

I happen to live in a metropolitan area that has been granting Hollywood Film Studios money and other incentives to film their movies in our cities. Thus, over the past number of years the coffee shops I hang out at have been the stomping grounds of all the A-List actresses and actors that fill the big screen and those that are apart of many people’s weekly television viewing habits; the celebrities are everywhere.

Some of my coffee house acquaintances are obsessed with racking up lists of all the actors and actresses they have shaken hands with or had coffee next to; some of these acquaintances have become so tiresome with their celebrity obsession that I find…

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