Inside The Revolution: How Iran seized the US embassy in Tehran 34 years ago today. “We were just plain asleep,” said CIA director.

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>> Largest anti-American protest in years underway outside former U.S. embassy in Tehran. Iranians shout, “Death To America!”

The following are excerpts from my non-fiction book, Inside The Revolution (2009):

Dawn had not yet broken in Washington.

It was Sunday morning, November 4, when an urgent “Flash Traffic” message from Embassy Tehran arrived in the State Department’s top-secret communications center: “Demonstrators have entered embassy compound and have entered the building.”

More than three thousand Radicals, most of them students, had climbed over the embassy’s walls, penetrated the compound’s internal security fences and doors, disarmed the Marines (who had been ordered by their superiors not to shoot), and were holding sixty-six Americans hostage while rifling through whatever files they could get their hands on.[1]

Staffers in the White House Situation Room immediately awoke the president at Camp David…

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