Eat To Prevent Catching A Winter Cold

Town & Country Gardening

elleMama said “take everything available for a cold and it will last seven days, take nothing and it’ll last a week”.

At least 100 different viruses have so far been identified that can result in the symptoms of a cold. That leaves the immune system challenged.

Remember that we can boost both the number and the activity of white blood cells with specific nutrients, and that can be hindered by what we eat too as well.

Foods that should be on the top of your shopping list.

Zinc: found in seafood, chicken, oats, brown rice and pumpkin seeds it enhances T cells, a type of immune cell that helps create antibodies.
Caution it is possible to take too much zinc and so if you are taking any other supplements, such as a multivitamin and mineral, you shouldn’t be taking more than 45mg daily, and then only for very short…

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