How to Choose the Right Shirt Collar for Your Face

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29e5e3f0393456a3a26099a21a366772--women-in-suits-tie-womenThe collar of a shirt may seem like it is a small part of  the overall look of an ensemble, and choosing a shirt collar may feel like a simple choice based on personal taste.

Still, it is hard to ignore, once aware of how the wrong choice of a shirt collar can distract from an otherwise good appearance, how choosing the correct shirt collar in proportion with the head shape and size can polish and enhance overall appearance.

The method of choosing the right shirt collar is fairly simple and involves knowing head shape and size, followed by choosing the right shirt collar to harmonize with these proportions.

The formula is simple:

* with a large head and wider head shape, choose long and narrow collars to offset the wider head shape and size.

* with a narrow head and slimmer head shape, choose wider collars and cut-aways to…

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Stop Talking

Mind's Seat

Sometimes we got through situations and even after a solution was met, we still expound upon it. Well from experience I can tell you that the more you talk, the more you will carry and festa the situation. When we regurgitate negative events, the mind creates or recreate a negative energy within us. Making the solution null and void.


When we stop talk, we are literally starving the negativity surrounding the situation to death. Yes you may remember at times but in those moments, SPEAK positive things. Yes I said speak and not think because the mind is so agile, it would not erase the negative thought but rather a battle will be initiated. If you want to prove this theory, here is a challenge.

CHALLENGE: When you sit with your friends, tell them to count to ten (10) in their minds (not aloud). You will know when they started…

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Tick Tock goes the clock… What is holding you back?

Art With Korb

“There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.”

—Og Mandino (Paul Mark Sutherland

It’s ALMOST too late, but not quite, for missing work… What can you do? – WEDNESDAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!


Art Foundations: Intro to Perspective and WRAP UP Positive / Negative Composition – One Point Perspective Video – You Tube!

GOALS: Historical in Nature Today! What do these MEAN? In your own words – talk to your neighbor about what they mean.

  1. 1.4.1 analysis (breaking up the artwork / subject matter to basic elements)
  2. 6.2 compare characteristics of the visual arts and other disciplines from history or movements (Renaissance)

Review with neighbors the RULES of THUMB and discuss the Differences in one and two point perspective.


Advanced Drawing: Non-Objective Drawing based on REALITY!

Richard Diebenkorn – Abstraction from REALITY and DIRECT OBSERVATION!


  1. 2.3 create…

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Kings and Queens-Faces

Card Science

Q&K females

Kings and Queens have relatively complex faces, probably based around 13 sided (Kings) and 12 sided (Queens) shapes, but there is a more straightforward way to tell them apart. Since Queens are related to the number three, they have more triangular features, and since Kings are related to the number four, they have more rectangular features.


Q&K males

The blue faces are females and the red faces are males. The Queen of Spades male has less of a triangular shape (I noticed it around the nose area), but it’s possibly because he has a King Planetary Ruling Card, giving him a bit of a King shape as well.

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Eat To Prevent Catching A Winter Cold

Town & Country Gardening

elleMama said “take everything available for a cold and it will last seven days, take nothing and it’ll last a week”.

At least 100 different viruses have so far been identified that can result in the symptoms of a cold. That leaves the immune system challenged.

Remember that we can boost both the number and the activity of white blood cells with specific nutrients, and that can be hindered by what we eat too as well.

Foods that should be on the top of your shopping list.

Zinc: found in seafood, chicken, oats, brown rice and pumpkin seeds it enhances T cells, a type of immune cell that helps create antibodies.
Caution it is possible to take too much zinc and so if you are taking any other supplements, such as a multivitamin and mineral, you shouldn’t be taking more than 45mg daily, and then only for very short…

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