Butter Up!

The Very Last Paige

Butter is probably one of the most amazing food invention ever. I love to put a little dab of it in my pancakes, waffles, corn on the cob, croissants, or any type of bread for that matter.

I also love to use butter to add flavor to the dishes that I cook. Butter tastes good on creamy soups or pasta. Sometimes, I also add a little flavored butter on my steaks to make it more sinfully delicious.

Since I have nothing much to do during this summer, I decided to look at different homemade butter recipes online so I can try it at home. If it works well, I would bring a few batches back to my dorm so me and my roommates can enjoy eating with it during an all-night study session.

Here are some of the delectable do-it-yourself butter recipes that I found from this website:


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