Why are you so closed off???

Culture Monk

a in the middle

by Kenneth Justice

~ Have you ever known someone who was very private and reserved…..who gave off an emotionally distant vibe? Some writers refer to such people as wearing masks; they go to church every week and pretend that their life is wonderful but since they never let anyone get close to them…..their real self is always kept secret.

Although I keep a certain level of my life private in my blog (for obvious safety concerns) for the most part I am pretty open with who I am. If you sat down with me at coffee or across from me at my dinner table; what you read in my blog is who I am in person.

I’m not a big fan of being emotionally distant…..its annoying.

Emotional distance has been one of the biggest struggles in relation to my Christian faith; far too many of my fellow Christians are not…

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