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A friend is someone who know all about you and still loves you

Elin Borg


If I think of all of those I have grown apart from

Grow apart from you I wont.

You are my star

Because you are always here.

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Snack Rock: Gluten Free Edition

Crux Crush

Carrot breakfast

It’s that time of summer when I have to re-assess my choices.  Somewhere between vacations, long weekends, wedding showers, house guests, BBQ’s, and all the other stuff that makes summer fun, I end up completely falling back into eating habits that don’t make me feel good.  One thing that doesn’t make me feel good is gluten.  And don’t get me wrong, it feels great going down! How can a cookie or a piece of bread feel bad?  But all the things that go with it, for me personally (skin problems, puffiness, digestive issues), are things I can do without.  So today on Snack Rock (and if you don’t know what it is, here you go, it’s a very complex concept), we’re going gluten-free, as well as searching for some snacks that are higher in protein so they satisfy, not highly processed, and lower in sugar to avoid the crash…

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Everything falls, but it´s like usual

Elin Borg

Everything falls, but it´s like usual

Hello! I am a bit angry because I have typed a job in school today and apparently it was not saved and this post am I re-writing because I happened to press at the wrong button and the last one went down in the trash……… I hate when nothing goes as I want it to! But I am not that mad. I´m just thinking about go and buy a muffin, smash it into crumbs and jump on it and let the birds eat it or I´ll go put the coffeemaker on. The second choice seems like the greatest one.

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