Significant change in tone: U.S. officials concede war with Iran may be unavoidable. Countdown to Israeli action?

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

As I begin day two of the media tour for Damascus Countdown, I’m seeing a significant change in tone in the comments of senior U.S. officials — past and present — concerning Iran. Officials who have long been hesitant about the use of military force against Iran are now reluctantly suggesting it may not be possible to avoid war after all.

Listen carefully to the comments of current leaders such as Vice President Biden, Secretary Kerry, and the Commander of CENTCOM — as well as to icon of U.S. national security policy such as Henry Kissinger — and to former senior White House advisors such as Dennis Ross and Elliot Abrams, and this is what you will hear:

  • The nuclear crisis with Iran is coming to a head.
  • Diplomacy and sanctions have not succeeded and may have run their course.
  • The Iranians are not making concessions.
  • Instead, Tehran is accelerating its nuclear efforts and is dangerously close to building nuclear warheads.
  • North Korea…

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