Fmr. Director of CIA — and fmr. CIA operative in Iran — endorse Damascus Countdown

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

damascuscountdown-smallIt has been a pleasure in recent years to get to know and become friends with two men who have served our country with great distinction at the Central Intelligence Agency.

One is Porter Goss, who served as an undercover agent for the CIA, then in Congress as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and finally served as President George W. Bush’s Director of Central Intelligence.

The other is Reza Kahlili, who was born in Iran, became an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was repulsed by the evil he saw in the Khomenei regime, and decided to become a double agent for the CIA to spy on the Iranian regime. He eventually became a U.S. citizen and wrote a fascinating book about his experiences. [By the way, I should note here that I did not know Reza Kahlili when I began writing this novel series. Thus, it is pure coincidence that my main character…

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