What Are Your Credentials? (via Even More Undignified)

Sometimes I have to stop and truly listen to the talking head in front of me. As Hamlet stated: “words, wors, words. . . ” [ad nauseum]. And so I dance around this “person,” evading his message. Why? Because I’ve been barraged with rhetoric from day one. Hyperbole?

Information overload might be an understatement. Regardless, I move ahead; I move acccording to my agenda; I move beyond this talking head and maybe miss important content. Would that be ignoring the plain truth?

But the author of “What Are Your Credentials” discusses significant content. I advise you to stop & pay attention. Am I being too forceful here?

What Are Your Credentials? I've been asking myself lately, what possible reason should someone listen to me in regards to their eternal souls. What credentials do I lend that might qualify me to speak into a person's spiritual life in the nameĀ  of an almighty God? I have many friends who are doctors and masters in their various fields. Their education and titles give them varying degrees of credibility and authority to officially have something to say on pretty much every … Read More

via Even More Undignified