It’s been a long road… (via Bits and Pieces)

I like this post, I think, because I am journeying too. The notion that we will arrive at some point of completion doesn’t enter my thinking. I believe that someday He will change me, but that will come in the Big & Good Ole’ AFTERLIFE.

But now, the journey involves several metaphors: a race, a walk, a quest, etc. The all important truth that guides me is that Jesus walks alongside me and we travel together in peace & harmony. 🙂

It's been a long road, and it hasn't ended yet. So many challenges, so many tests, so many obstacles, and presents found on the road to achieve my goals. If they told me: "You can have everything you've dreamed of now and skip the long road", I wouldn't take it. This journey is what gives sense to my life, the journey is the reason and the answer. … Read More

via Bits and Pieces