Dead Orthodoxy

Many years ago, I heard a friend of mine use the phrase, dead orthodoxy; I was puzzled. If memory serves me, he didn’t expound on the term. On retrospect, I understand. But in those early years I was surrounded with red-hot soul-winners, believers who when testifying would weep.  Their hearts were tender. Seeing this sweetness in “church members,” blew me away.
Today, I live in a city where there seems to be a church building on every street corner. For several years this urban legend has been circulating. Someone added the legend that our city was listed at You get the idea.
Religious pride dominates our city like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghostbusters.“ And if you walk our streets, even today, people cower when they see that transparent white monster masquerading The mainstream church has, apparently, created another Frankenstein; he seems “sweet,” but, of course, looks are deceiving.
My point: dead orthodoxy is not  merely an idea or urban legend; it’s a monster walking about, seeking someone to devour.
My real point: authentic Holy Spirit inspired theology should deter dead orthodoxy.

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